Welding & Fabrication

Welding Capabilities:
* MIG, TIG and Arc for stainless steel, aluminum and mild steel
and clean cutting Plasma. Repair and Custom Fabrication of just about everything.

Crush Pad

* Custom Bin Washers for FYBs
* Catwalks and railings
* Crush Equipment Supports for reconfigurations and new hoppers
* Custom Receiving or Discharge Hoppers
* Must line repairs and sightglass installs
* Emergency Crush Repairs


* Sanitation Welding for tanks and transfer lines
* Custom tank fittings and modify wine lines
* Install sample ports, sight glasses, tanks & tank doors
* Remove 90 degree Tank Top flanges for proper sealing & fitting of Pump-over Equipment
* Fittings replacement
* Mixing snake assembly
* Portable & Fixed Tank Stands
* Stainless Steel Tubs w/ wheels
* Tank Stands
* Fitting-Boards

Machine Shop
* Lathe, Vertical and Horizontal Mills
* All Threading, Keyways, etc.


"Don’t Replace, Rebuild It! Excellent Work at a Fair Price."

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Welding, Custom Fabrication & Winery Maintenance ~ Serving Napa & Sonoma Counties.

Mobile Shop Services Year-round ~ 24-Hour Crush Emergency Services August - October