Save yourself from trouble during Crush and complete your equipment maintenance in the winter months. Keeping costs down is important to all our clients and emergency calls & rates can be avoided as well as the panic of a Destemmer going down because of a rusty bearing. Call us now to schedule an appointment for diagnosis of unusually loud grinding noises or solenoids that needed tapping to keep them going.

Winter Maintenance Items:

  • Greasing bearings before and after Harvest
  • Replacing solenoids, electrical cords
  • Electric Motor diagnosis/replacement
  • Dump Bin repairs
  • Pump overhauls
  • Chain tightening, filter replacements
  • Flight edging replacement
  • Auger and Trough repairs
  • Air Compressor leaks
  • Spray bar repairs/additions for sorting tables
  • Must Line repairs/additions
  • Gear box and shaft repairs
  • Juice pan leak repairs
  • Shaker Table modifications
  • Tub wheels

Repair Capabilities:

  • Service and repair for most Crush Pad equipment
  • Custom machining for parts replacement
  • Solenoid, Sample Port Replacement
  • Bushing repairs and replacement, Bearing replacement
  • Gear and shaft repairs
  • Conveyor repairs
  • Basket Press repair
  • Glycol line and jacket repairs
  • Barrel Turner repair
  • Auger and Trough repairs
Davenport’s was created in 2006 from a need in Sonoma and Napa Counties for more mechanics and custom welders. Being involved in an art form like wine has definitely been a pleasure. You can count on our reliability and respect for your cellar. We work around tours as well as the cellar folks. We are a mobile repair/welding company and will have all the tools to get your project or repair completed quickly!

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