Repairs & Maintenance

  • General – All Crush Equipment – Repairs, Gear Boxes, Bearings, Lube, Oil Changes, Amp Checks, Motors
  • Hoppers – Custom fabrication and fits including new Equipment and reconfiguring Crush Equipment, Mobile Stands or Stairs.
  • Destemmers/Crushers – Bearing Replacement, Motors, Hydraulics.
  • Screw Conveyors – Installations, Flight Edging, Motor Replacement, Auger Repairs, Trough Fabrication & Repairs
  • Belt Conveyors – Custom Fabrication, Belt Splicing, Structural Repairs
  • Presses – Pinch Valves, Air, Chain Tightening, Lube, Filters, Motors, Gusset Repairs and Bearing Replacement
  • Pumps – Seals, Stators, Impellers, Full Rebuilds
  • Hoses – New Fittings, Repairs, Lengths, Install P/D devices
  • Safety Issues – Tie-offs, railings, catwalks, etc.
  • Hose Racks, Thermostat Covers, Topping Keg
  • Copper Line – installs for Air, Water, Glycol and Nitrogen

No Travel Charges
Serving Sonoma and Napa Counties

Davenport’s was created in 2006 from a need in Sonoma and Napa Counties for more mechanics and custom welders. Being involved in an art form like wine has definitely been a pleasure. You can count on our reliability and respect for your cellar. We work around tours as well as the cellar folks. We are a mobile repair/welding company and will have all the tools to get your project or repair completed quickly!

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